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Meems Engineering was launched in 2010 as an Electrical and Electro-Mechanical service provider. It is an ownership company managed by professionals and outstanding capabilities have been well proven over the past years through unique, challenging opportunities executed with an expending base of the most famous energy Pack, Modern Erection Ltd. Unique cement, Tasnim Chemical.

Meems Engineering is working to provide quality of services. It is also working for smooth and planned growth in the power and networking sectors of Bangladesh. We are committed to ensure quality of services for our valued customers by maintaining necessary power sectors standard rules and regulations such as ITU/ESTI/IEEE. Provide by principal company and or manufacturers and recognize professional body of the country. The company is always very much conscious about standard and reputation of the principal company and / or manufacturer.

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Meems Engineering depends on speed, accuracy and professionalism. We are working with number of Industrial services and products. So that gives us the flexibility and variety in work order to fit the customer’s need. In such a way, customers could access solid benefit from our quality services.

We are fully equipped with enough self-owner tools as if electrical and mechanical related equipment needed for installation, testing and commissioning. This company is well organized with experienced management.

Meems Engineering has the ability to conduct and maintain several projects with all sorts of scopes and document summarizes our method and competence in carrying out such projects.

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Meems Engineering’s Ethics

MEEMS ENGINEERING is a reputed Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Contractor in Bangladesh and also it is one of the promising Electrical and Electro-Mechanical service providers with a great deal of commitment and has vision to serve renowned government, public and private companies. So MEEMS ENGINEERING is able to compromise with commitments and quality of services. We are committed to serve our entire clients with quality services with the help of all expert engineers those are one of the best on our local Industrial and Power sectors. All of our engineers are well educated, well trained, well experienced and confident to done any job in quality and systemic way.

  • 01Customer Service

    MEEMS ENGINEERING is committed to total customer satisfaction. We pledge to meet or exceed customer expectations on every project.

  • Customers and clients will be able to count on MEEMS ENGINEERING's technical execution and workmanship to be among the highest in the industry.

  • MEEMS ENGINEERING is committed to its role as a leader for change, working to advance safety practices at project job sites and the safety culture within the electrical construction industry as a whole. We are committed to the continued development of our own internal safety organization as well as the advancement of safety management, education and training programs throughout the company.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Product Manager

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Preetom Zamamn Tower (Ground Floor), 37/2 Purana Paltan, Dhaka - 1000.

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