The mission of Meems Engineering is to develop business with responsibility and to take responsibility for developing humankind. Meems Engineering has been established to provide a whole range of services to customers, which includes site acquisition, site preparation, civil construction, installation, integration, operation, enhanced operation, maintenance, and repair-replacement.

To provide an ultimate super quality service with extensive consideration of HSE (Health, Safety & Environments) requirements.

Meems Engineering wants to be the client’s preferences in executing all the activities by providing excellent integrated solutions & services

Meems Engineering values shape our culture and the way we conduct business. Our values are aligned with CARING about our stakeholders and are instrumental in guiding every aspect of our business.

Engaged, loyal and accountable to our stakeholders in achieving our shared goals.
Demonstrating a can-do attitude.
Nothing is insurmountable. We do more with less.
Empowered to do the right thing with consistent and high ethical standards in everything we do by embracing honesty, fairness, respect and safety.
The flexibility to remain ahead of a changing environment by being entrepreneurial, passionate, open, innovative and smart.
Leading the industry by pursuing excellence and innovative solutions, demonstrating the highest standards, leveraging experience and unlocking the hidden potential to create a more efficient, sustainable world.

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